Design Competition – Registration

Registration for the 2014 Competition is OPEN!


2014 Theme – Best Aviation Design

Best reflects an aviation oriented vehicle. Either a car or non-car design. For example: Airplanes, gliders, rockets, spaceships, hot air balloons etcetera.

Best Automotive Design

Best realistic representation of an actual car with unusual attention to detail and shape.

Original Design

Best reflects the most unusual approach in other than a car design. For example, a pool table, dragon, pirate ship, submarine, fish, campsite, etcetera.

Best Concept Car

Best reflects a novel and different approach in a car design. For example, a Batmobile, jet cars, futuristic cars, manufacturer’s prototype cars, etcetera.

Cub Special

Best use of the Cub Scout colors, BLUE & GOLD. Either a car or a non-car design.

Cub Built

Best 99% Cub built car. Either a car or a non-car design.